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产品目录 产品分类
four-color printing press
Huaguang five opening series Shanghai Guanghua Series Ruipusangna Series Xinxiang Printing Machinery Series TaiLongPrinting Machinery Series
A Offset Printing Equipment
大全张系列Daquan Zhang Series 全张系列 full sheet Series 对开系列half sheet Series 四开系列one quarter sheet Series 多色轮转机Multicolor Web Machine
B Offset Printing Equipment
One-fifth Series One-sixth Series Eighth Series Card Machine Computer Paper Machine
Trademark label printer
不干胶商标印刷机Adhesive trademark Press 轮转商标印刷机Rotate trademark Press 商标机辅助设备Trademarks of auxiliary equipment
Special printer series
柔版印刷机Flexographic Printing Press 丝网印刷机Screen Printer 移印印刷机Pad printing Presses 凹版印刷机Gravure printing Presses
lithography printers
主要产品Main products 样品图库Sample Database 应用模式Application Mode 技术服务Technical service 答疑解惑FAQ
Business office equipment
Commodities-detection equipment
Packaging machinery processing
食品包装机械Food packaging machinery 灌装机械Filling Machine 纸板纸箱机械Mechanical cardboard cartons
Packaging aids
裱纸压平机 Paper compacted machines 平压平模切机 Platen cutting machine 自动糊盒机Automatic case-pasting Machine 纸板成型机Paperboard Machine 吸膜制袋机Suction Machine membrane Bag 打包捆扎机Bakaged Binding Machine
Printing aids
晒版显影Copy enhancement 切纸分切Sub-cutting Cutter 激光照排机Laser Phototypesetter CTP激光制版机CTP laser plate-making machine 模切制版机Cutting plate-making machine
Postpress Equipment
Folding Machine 配页装订Allocation of pages bound 胶装包本The plastic packages installed 压痕烫金Indentation hot stamping 复膜压纹Filmer embossed 打孔圆角机Fillet of drilling
不干胶成型机Adhesive machine
Related equipment accessories
印刷胶辊Printing Cots 制版光源Plate Source 各种刀刃Various bladed 号码机Number Machine 印刷配件Printing accessories
Printing supplies materials
金鑫光阳图PS版JinxinGuang film positive PS Plate 胶印机橡皮布Offset Blanket 印刷化学用品Printing chemical supplies 印刷油墨Printing Ink 印刷材料批发Printed materials wholesale 其它印刷材料Other printed materials
Packaging materials material
Second-hand equipment Series
进口二手设备Imports of second-hand equipment 印前设备Prepress Equipment 印刷设备Printing Equipment 印后加工设备Postpress Equipment 包装机械Packaging machinery

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