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V75+ Full color cards machine series
V75+ Full color cards machine series  

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 The product explain

* High speed with 9000rps
* High-power motor of 90W and superpower electromagnet makes it durable, the excellent imported blanket produces perfect dots and images.
* High hardness nylon rollers and high quality soft rolls make the machine durable
* New designed anti-drip ink fountain, convenient and practical ;
* Synchronizing belt transferring, more accurate registration, lower noise, more smooth running, little friction ;
* Flexible feeder, more smoothly transfer , with convenient peripheral equipment interface

Rich and convenient menus
Six items menus of presetting functions: head and tail setting, inking presetting, practical impression number setting, proof impression number setting, double rotary and testing setting. Every menu can be divided into
more detail and perfect submenu. Every setting is showed on display real
time as digital number. All operation is controlled by computer.
Numerical control of double rotary and double inking rollers
Numerical control of double rotary makes it possible to inking twice per
impression(printing cylinder rotate two circle, one piece paper is delivered )
 and resolve perfectly the problem of ink film thickness. Two inking rollers
make perfect solid color and halftone images prints.
Patent of numerical controlled gripper, remove the stubborn problem of offset printing process

Perfectly resolved the big problem that the  prints which is on thin paper and have large solid area are easily result to sticking, curing and scraping. Specially designed for professional card printer.

The extra large liquid crystal screen displays all parameters dynamically

The design of independent press key completely considers the operators' custom. All functions and operating processes are simple and clear.

11 independent items computer self-checking function

Perfect checking menus, and can be operated independent: ink and water checking, up and down printing pressure, electromagnetic control of paper feeding platform, head and tail stepping motor, primary motor and etc. These functions make operator understand the machine easily and thoroughly.

Non-stop infinity adjustment and fine adjustment of head and tail, automatic fix position.

Perfectly get rid of the tedious of manual adjustment of head and tail. The numerically controlled non-stop adjustment of head and tail is easy and convenient, just by pushing the button gently, and the precision can up to 0.01mm.

 Min size
50x 55mm
 Max size
 Print plate size
(100-160)x 210 x(0.15-0.3)mm
(100-220)x 210 x(0.15-0.3)mm
 Rubber blanket size
 Gripper mode
Numerically controlled  gripper
 anti-drip ink fountain
 Roller quantity
 Pile High
 Head and tail
Numerical  control
 Power source
AC220V±10% 50Hz 230W
AC220V±10% 50Hz 250W
 Net weight
About 80Kg
About 85Kg
 Machine size


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