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HG552BH Heavy-Duty Five-Coler Offset Press
HG552BH Heavy-Duty Five-Coler Offset Press  Five-Coler

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 The product explain

★.The features of super thick overall cast iron walling and staunch cast iron foundation as well as the typical offset printer structrure the high-speed operation stability,high precision,long life and enough printing pressure,Additionally,the vibration-free running of the dampening  and inking rollers and the roller bearings ensure the long smooth running and constant printing quality to the press;

★.The rubber cylinder adopts the large-scale offset printer's usual impression technology -three-point suspension technology with accurate and reliable pressure adjustment.The cylinders are adjusted independently without interference to each other,protecting the roller bearings.

★.The outside high precision gear drive and cylinder bearer are adopted to ensure the steady printing pressure transmission and stable rolling of the roller as well as the large area of field printing,clear screen dot duplicating and petty characters printing.

★.The  overall machine is supplied with the oil in an collective way so that all the gears and bearings are lubricated from time to time when starting up or in operation(single~color press adopts manual pump).

★.The whole inking unit is composed of 15 inking rollers,including 4 plate rollers of different diameters,featuring quick system response and excellent ink distribution.The ink fountains are zone controlled by ink fountain key and the individual adjustment is also available and not interfered with each other.In this way,it guarantees enough ink reserve and uniform ink supply.

★.Adopt big machine"s special feeder and paper feeding plate,including elaborate two suction nozzle pick-delivery-type sheet feeding unit and conventional uploading brush,and sheet pressing roll belt friction-type paper feeding plate.The roller wheel type side drawing guide sheet transfer unit adopts standard upward swing sheet transfer unit,and the holding tooth will close up at the cam's high point,thus the sheet transfer is stable and accurate.

★.The quick plate clamps with the locating pins on the plate cylinder is convenient for the quick loading and unloading of the printing plate.Remote controlled adjustment device can adjust the printing plate in the circumferential,axial or diagonally direction without stopping the press.The axially adjusting allowance is ±1.5mm,circumferentially adjusting allowance ±0.67mm,and bevel adjusting allowance ±0.45.Particularly,the registration adjustment in diagonal direction is HGPM's own proprietary technology.

★.For the half high pile delivery,the number of the gripper bars is increased from 2 to 5 and the extended delivery distance is in favor of the thorough drying of the printings. 


Ink remote control key (optional for CPC ink supply system)
The performance of the ink fountain is very stable.Sixteen zones can be adjusted via the operating panel or touch screen on the master control desk.Allthe ink zones can be adjusted at the same time,saving the time and paper .With the ink quantity preset and job memory function,the operator can easily call the printing data concerned and enter the printing status quickly.


Three-point suspended impression mechanism
This machine also has the advantageous three-point suspended impression mechanism,the iternational most advanced roller pressure adjusting technology,in its rubber cylinder.The pressure adjustment is accurate and reliable and the adjustments among the cylinders doesn't interfere with each other.

Cylinder bearer
The outside high precision bevel gear drive and cylinder bearer are adopted to ensure the steady printing pressure transmission and stable rolling of the cylinder as well as the large area of field printing,clear screen dot duplicating and petty characters printing.
  Zoning ink fountain
The ink fountain has sixteen ink supply zones,refining the ink supplying range.In the actual operation,the ink quantity can be adjusted by the zones.It features speedy,visual,easily operative and well-distrbuted ink quantities.

   HG52BH Main Typical Configuration

Control console diagnostic information display system

Pneumatic control

Feeder head paper transfer sucker height adjustment

Feeding paper face height adjustment

Skewed sheet & double sheets detection

Circumferential,axial and bevel remote control registering mechanism

Ink roller cleaner

Independent motor driven fountain roller drive

Dampening rollers and ink rollers

Manual zoning ink fountain(16zones)

Dampening roller pneumatic clutch


Low pile delivery with sheet slowdown

Vibration and starting time adjustment for ink vibrator

Timed and quantitative collective lubricating system

Air compressor(Taiwan Fusheng)

Air pump(Orion,Japan)

Driving panel step

Operating panel step

Oil collector dish

Plate damping liquid system with automatic addition of alcohol

Sheet feed &delivery cart (three)

   HG452BH Main properties
 Max.paper size
 Min.paper size
 Max.print area
 Printable paper weight
 Printing speed
 Plate size

  Blanket size


  Gripper size


  Ink Roller quantity

    Ink rollers per unit:15 (4 form rollers) 

  Dampening type

    Alcohol dampening

  Plate type 

    Circumferenital,axial and bevel adjustment without
    stopping the press

  Speed adjustment

    Stepless by inverter

  Max.paper pile at feeder


  Max.paper pile at delivery

    450mm ( HG452BH / HG552BH )
  Power suply
  14KW   (3 phases)
 Overall dimensions


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